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No other day contains so much love, laughter and tears than the day you & your partner say “I do”. As a Aruba Wedding Photographer My goal with every wedding is to capture real and raw emotion to create something truly unique, with a little bit of the Aruba feel. I’m not interested in staging anything ‘for the photo’.
To me Professional wedding Photography is when the images show you how those people felt at that exact moment. Wether it being overjoyed or so emotional that you had to cry. Those moments make the day unique and should be included in the set of images you receive. 
Wedding days always fill me with joy. There is something about these days where I get to really know who I am photographing. Every bit of their personalities and the love that they share for their partner.
When Clients hire me as there Aruba Wedding Photographer they can trust that I will be there experiencing every single moment of their day. You already had so much to worry about for your wedding day, therefore the last thing you should be worried about is that all the moments are recorded. Because when its the end of your wedding day and everybody has gone home. You should be at ease that there was someone there documenting your whole day so that you can relive those experiences 40 years down the road.
Aruba Wedding Photographer

I’m always inspired by the personal stories I hear get to experience. There is nothing more beautiful than two people promising to be together for the rest of their lives. On your Wedding Day you decide to live the rest of your lives as one. A life together that will bring a lot of happiness, but also lessons along the way that one day turn into personal and unique stories.

Wedding days are for many people a really emotional and surreal experience. An Experience that you were waiting for your entire life. Being able to be part of that experience is a huge honor and privilege for me. No two weddings are the same. No two stories are alike. But one thing remains always the same.

~ L O V E ~

Aruba Wedding Photographer

As the time goes by, your memories will fade away. This is when you will look back at your wedding photographs. Having a privilege to save your memories in a set of images is really rewarding for me. Not only I fulfil my heart and soul by sharing positive energy in my work, but I also document a real story of the day…

– Wedding Services –

I have noticed that a lot of couples book their photographer without having much planning done for the wedding day itself. Michael-A Fowler works with top wedding planners & decorators on the Island. And I can help you by putting you in contact with those planners & decorators. Imagine having to contact all the individual vendors on your own. Therefore I am here to help. I am not a wedding planner. But I can put you in contact with the right one! Contact me to receive more information regarding The Whole Wedding experience. Everything from Photography & Videography down to the last roses on your wedding day can be arranged with Michael-A Fowler Photography.

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so you’re here on my website looking for a Aruba Wedding Photographer, but did you think about hiring a cinematographer? I personally have a background in cinematography and I work with various very talented cinematographers on the Island. By booking us and selecting a photo & video package you also receive a special rate compared to our regular rates (when booked individually). So why not get your Aruba Wedding Photography & Cinematography in one place.


Aruba Wedding Photographer

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Michael-A Fowler works with top Wedding Planners, Decorators & Cinematographers. If you are looking to get married in Aruba I can help you arrange everything.

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