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Michael-A Fowler
Michael-A Fowler Aruba Photographer

I’m a 27 year old Professional Photographer based in Aruba. Back in 2013 when I started working in the creative industry I took a camera my sister neglected and started playing around with it making small videos and attempted taking photos. After about a year or so I bought my first official camera and it was a second hand canon 60d. I started focusing more on photography and it was the usual beginner stuff. Random photos of my dogs and flowers we have in the yard. Fast track to 2015 I wanted to start photographing people and fell quickly in love with photographing love. At that point I decided I can do this professionally and so I did. Now in 2020 I have done over 150 weddings and well over 300 Couples & Family shoots.


At the beginning of 2019 I asked my girlfriend of 10 years to start helping me run the business. So she quit her job and started managing communications while I focus entirely on the visual aspect of the business. I like to think that we are a power couple thanks to this. 


I have been featured on many large wedding photography inspiration instagram pages for cool wedding photos I have created and have also been published in magazines as featured and non featured photographer. My commercial work can be seen all over the island on billboards. I have very much to grow and learn but I enjoy every moment of my job.  I believe that with every photograph I take I am freezing a moment in time and I need to do my best to make it as perfect as I can. And there is no better way to make it perfect than leaving it exactly how it is without trying to manipulate or change it. 

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