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Every Relationship is different. There is no formula for perfect photos. But Being yourselves key and I let you do just that.


I target those perfect moments you can look back at years down the line and still feel all the emotions you did on your wedding day.


A mix of perfect posed pictures and raw candid pictures. Pictures you can hang on your walls and cherish forever.

Michael-A Fowler is a Professional Photographer in Aruba with a focus on capturing your memorable moments with a Natural & Island feel. Aruba is a beautiful Island with plenty to offer. So why not have your pictures taken on one of the top beaches in the WORLD. My specialty is Couples photography. To me there is no better feeling then capturing the true essence of love and admiration that couples share for each other. So if you happen to be looking for a Professional Photographer in Aruba your in the right place!
Michael-A Fowler Aruba Photographer

Photography is the art of freezing perfect moments in time so that we can enjoy them later

Michael-Anthony Fowler


Aruba Photographer

Oranjestad Aruba.


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