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Aruba Couples Photographer

Booking a photographer may sometimes seem like a stressful task. So many option and so many different photography styles. If you were like most people and your on google and your search term is "Aruba Couples Photographer " or "Aruba Photographer" and you ended up here... Well then your in the right place.

My name is Michael-Anthony Fowler and I would love to be your Photographer.

I don't just tell you to stand there, snap and we are done. Your love wether it being a young love or you are celebrating your 50th anniversary you are together because of how you make each other feel. So if you want pictures with plenty of emotion I'm your guy! Don't just look for "Aruba Couples Photographer ". Book someone with the goal of giving you images showing exactly how you felt at that moment.

- Photography -

My goal as a photographer is to create images that inflict emotions and memories that will last a lifetime. I focus on creating images that 20 years from now as you pass by a print in your hallway, you will still look at that picture and laugh about all the fun and silly things you did to create those beautiful images.

- Videography -

Looking to do something different? Instead of a usual photoshoot why not a couples video? Michael-A Fowler Photography offers you "couples love" Videos. Short & playful videos that feature elements of Aruba with a whole lot of love.

- Reviews -

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